Client & Patient Testimonials

S.L Gold Coast

Hi Lisa, thank you for your kindness and for your compassionate words of advice. You gave me strength and comfort and I value and appreciate your wisdom. You inspire me to do my best.

J.H. - Ashmore

“Hi Lisa, using the technique you taught me was most effective- it focused me, the nerves disappeared and I felt in control of myself. Very impressed. Thanks again Lisa, you are so inspirational. Onwards and Upwards!!”


Lisa J - Surfers Paradise

Lisa, I just wanted to thank you with much gratitude for how much your session helped me yesterday. Even my relationship has improved. An old friend commented that I had a sparkle and that felt great. Thanks Lisa.



Ben F - Patient

"Lisa helped me accept what I was going through so I could move on to the healing process. I feel without Lisa's techniques and training my recovery would be nowhere as successful as it has been."



Cindy A -Client

You are such an inspiration to me Lisa. I come away from speaking with you with such clarity & positivity of what lies ahead & how to achieve this.

You give me tools that make me think & reassess on what I have been doing & how to do things better. Thank you



Gulay I - Varsity Lakes

I really enjoyed meeting you. The energy I felt in your presence was priceless. I am practising the techniques you taught me every day, practise makes perfect. I am determined to make the changes to my thinking and my life. Thank you Gulay I. Varsity Lakes Anxiety/Stress



Judy O - Client

Thank you for helping me get back on track Lisa. I felt such overwhelm and sadness but now can see a way out of the gloom.  Thanks Lisa



NEW FOCUS Cancer Wellbeing Program Participants

  • I have no words how to thank Lisa, Carla & Allamanda for this amazing opportunity.
  • I was so cared for and the info was so helpful.
  • Such an easy, well rounded workshop. I learnt so much. Much appreciated.
  • Lisa, this is a great program. I wish it had been available when I had my treatment. Very positive for those going through treatment.
  • Very welcoming and caring.
  • Will get the word out there!
  • Relaxation has been very helpful.
  • Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.
  • Great.
  • Well done!!

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Hi Lisa, thanks for the journey. Getting cancer really threw me, I thought that type of thing happened to "other" people.

I just wanted to run away and leave the cancer behind me..not that easy though, lol.

I have learnt so much with you and I am able to use the techniques when it matters to me most.

Getting rid of my needle phobia was a huge help because god knows I have enough of those.

Thanks for helping me when I was feeling pretty low Lisa.You are like a breath of fresh air when all else seems dark and heavy.

See you soon. John T Wilston. Illness Support and Mind Management Program


Hi Lisa, thanks so much. I'm doing really well. Really feeling like I'm getting back on track every day. I will definately be back to see you if I fell like I need to. Thanks again Lisa.  Megan M  Currumbin     Anxiety/ Phobias


Hi Lisa, It has been a great week smoke free. It has not been hard. I feel really good. I say to myself I am a non-smoker and I am going to breath fresh air for the rest of my life. There are a few dollars in the savings jar now.  G. Sutherland     Gold Coast    Smoking cessation



You handled all beautifully and with grace. I thank you with all my heart for bringing clarity to a very murky current which was going downhill fast. Thanks again Lisa, you have done an incredible job and it is greatly appreciated.   Director/General Manager . NSW   Business/Team Building


Hi Lisa,  thanks, I had a fabulous time and felt so relaxed. I still feel good today and definately feel more positive and confident, which is great. Thanks again . S.Wells  Brisbane     Confidence/Self esteem




C.R. Gold Coast

Dear Lisa, thanks so much for all your caring, support and love throughout these times. It really is such a benefit and I really appreciate it.

R.H. - Surfers Paradise.

Obsessive Thinking/ Stress

"Hi Lisa, WOW! How good do I feel now. You really are a miracle maker and I am so happy. I feel empowered and I can't express how good I feel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do for me, it really is miraculous."

Lisa G - Patient

"Outstanding support from Lisa who was there all the right times and knew exactly the right processes that I and my partner needed."

A Perry - Patient

Thank you so much Lisa, I am so glad we met. In that short time I have a different outlook on life and I am mentally coping so much better. You are brilliant at what you do and its your caring that makes a difference. Thank you. 

Tony H - Client

Hi Lisa, you know, I'm actually feeling quite calm, I feel more relaxed, been busy all day but not stressing. Thank you Lisa, you really have made a difference. You are amazing at what you do. Thank you. I'm feeling blessed to have met you.

Janet B - Patient

Dear Lisa, Just a note to say a huge "Thank you" to you for helping me through this journey I am now on. Your care, support, understanding and love is what helps me. Thank you for your help and coming into my life at this time. 

Sharon A - Patient

Lisa is wonderful, her positive, caring nature towards patients' is amazing. She taught me how to relax even further. Her voice is so soothing and calming. Thank you Allamanda for having her see me.

Diversional Therapy - Patient Impression Survey Pacific Private Oncology

  • Lisa has been most beneficial to my acceptance, managing & indeed healing process.I strongly believe her services should be available to all patients in Oncology
  • I found Lisa a major help in my recovery. I have used all her techniques. I highly recommend her to any & everyone undergoing chemo treatment
  • Lisa has been such a help with the stress I have apart from my illness
  • Lisa is a wonderful person, her positive, caring nature towards clients is amazing
  • Very spiritual, was helpful in helping to calm me. Will use techniques taught
  • I have already used some of the techniques Lisa taught me & found her extremely helpful & caring
  • Lisa's presence at Oncology Unit is very calming, positive & rewarding for me as a patient


Hi Lisa, Well it's now 2 weeks since my last cigarette ever and I feel great. I do believe this is something you really have to WANT to do to be successful in giving up smoking forever, however once you have made that decision it is easy. 

There is no way I could have done it without the extensive programe and support you have offered me. Referring to the daily affirmations and remembering the "dark road" journey we went on in my first session has certainly helped me to remain strong and smoke free.

The tapping is also a new technique to me and I've found this quite beneficial. Thank you again Lisa for all your help and support. I now look forward to a long, healthy and wealthier smoke free life.  Kind Regards   Kerri.  Palm Beach     Smoking Cessation


Hi Lisa, I've been a non smoker for almost 4 months now and know I'll never go back to being a smoker. Every day becomes easier and easier and I can quite easily be in a social situation, amongst smokers, and not feel tempted to have one. Thanks again Lisa, I couldn't have done it without you. Cheers  Kerri B  Smoking Cessation


Hello Lisa,  It is great to be a non smoker. I didn't think it would be so easy. I am not feeling like one anymore, not even first thing in the morning. My money jar has $250 in it now. Really great programe. I would recommend it to any smoker that wants to give up.  Alison S.  Gold Coast    Smoking Cessation


Hello Lisa, I had a wonderful sleep  last night...thank you. I even woke this morning feeling more energetic. K Boyle  Tallai   Insomnia


Hi Lisa. I have been sleeping much better and of course feel better in myself because of this. I now can put myself back to sleep and am not dreading going to bed. Thank you for your help.”
David C. Southport    Insomnia

New Focus Participant

The course was really great - not only did I meet amazing people and learn of their journeys, I also learn't so much about the right things I can do for my healing.  Thank you also for all your help during my travels. Just being able to visualize everything has been a godsend and also turning the negatives into a positive has been a great learning tool.  DB  Cancer Program

Eve K. - Patient

“Lisa has been instrumental in my recovery and I know I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for working with her.”

John S - Client

"I have learned calming & breathing methods, relaxation & meditation techniques. Lisa has helped me to regain control of my emotions. I feel so much happier "

Tanya Y - Oxenford

Hi Lisa, it really helped to have different, useful techniques to cope with difficult situations, thoughts & feelings. Great relaxation techniques. I am sleeping so much better now. I never thought I could relax like that. Thanks Lisa. Tanya Y Group Session

Trudy G - client

I really have to say that Lisa has changed my life. I was sad and miserable and she gave me so much motivation. She put so much faith in my heart, her words were incredibly strong. She is an amazing person, her techniques has helped me a lot and I'll never forget her. I am so blessed to have met someone like her in this moment of my life.

Brent O - Sunshine Coast

Thank you so much for a wonderful - life changing - couple of days. It was obviously meant to be you who has taught me how to make the changes I needed to make as I doubt there would be anyone else on Earth who knew and cared enough about the animal and who had the knowledge and training to identify and institute the change. Thank you.

Maria R - Client

I have loved every moment we spent together & I fell privileged that you were there to give me a much needed hand when I felt the road was too hard & long to travel.

Your wonderful smile, outgoing & positive personality & your empathy & kindness to others knows no bounds.

Janice T - Patient

Lisa, thank you. Very few people have an understanding of consequences when battling a life threatening disease, except for you thank you again for all the help you have given me.



Lisa,  a wonderful program. Such practical and relevant tools. NOW I commit to using them everyday and I believe they will be transformational. Many thanks, a very special process. Kate Southport. Group Session


I really enjoyed this experience in a gentle, comfortable environment. It was very informative, relaxing, insightful and refreshing. Thanks Lisa. Irena J Ashmore. Group Session


Hi Lisa, it really helped to have different,useful techniques to cope with difficult situations, thoughts & feelings. Great relaxation techniques. I am sleeping so much better now. I never thought I could relax like that. Thanks Lisa. Tanya Y Nerang Group Session


Hello Lisa, I felt positive and relaxed the whole time - just the thought of the positiveness of the group sessions/course was enough to elevate me to a state of constant peacefulness. I feel very upbeat. C White Southport  Group Session


Hi Lisa, you know, I'm actually feeling quite calm, I feel more relaxed, been busy all day but not stressing. Thank you Lisa, you really have made a difference. You are amazing at what you do. Thank you. I'm feeling blessed to have met you.  T.Y. Gold Coast.  Stress Management


Hi Lisa, I have now lost 12 kilos and attend the gym 4 nights a week. I feel GREAT!! Thanks Lisa. Gaby H Currumbin. Weight Loss


Hi Lisa, thanks for your support. just to let you know, I am managing very well. I am getting my mojo back and it feels really good. Gaby H  Currumbin..  Weight Loss


Hello Lisa, I would like to thank you very much for your help. I believe you have helped me so much, not only with my smoking but also with my recent relationship breakup. Sheree H Mudgeereeba  Smoking Cessation


Hi Lisa, thanks for the sessions. I am so happy I started with you when I did. My focus/ needs have changed since I first saw you.

It is as you said about maintaining positive feelings and thoughts so they become the norm.

You have been great. I am really impressed with your ability to stay focused on the core of the issue and to be able to delve deeply to shift it. Thank you Lisa. Lyn M  Windsor