• Customer / Guest Service Excellence Training

  • Leadership Excellence Training

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Resilience Building and Managing Conflict

Hospitality and Retail Service Excellence Training

Customer Service Excellence

Leadership Excellence

Resilience Building and Managing Conflict

Guest / Customer Service Excellence is centre stage in this compelling workshop.

"A customer is the most important visitor on your premises. They are not dependent on you - you are dependent on them". unknown author.

A monthly 1.5 hour educational session for Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders.

 Across all departments we transform the Leadership in your business.

Build on effective communication & problem solve as a group.

Motivate & inspire your teams while working together unitedly.


salaries conflict

Workshop 1.5 hours in duration.

 The first component of this workshop encompasses Workplace Resilience using beneficial techniques.

The second component explores Managing Conflict effectively and wisely.

mindfulness 212

An interactive 1.5 hour workshop cultivating Mindfulness in the Workplace.  At its simplest, Mindfulness means being focused and aware of what you are doing while you are doing it.

Customer Service Excellence

A Customer / Guest Service Excellence Training Manual is designed to compliment your business specifications. This manual provides a tailored training model across all the Departments in your business.


Building a united understanding within your team of the standards you expect for your Customer or Guest is the foundation to achieving successful Customer/ Guest experiences.


Whether your business is in Retail or Hospitality - 3 star or Luxury - a comprehensive Service Excellence Training Manual will be created to support the Team Training Program.


This Training Program ignites the enthusiasm, passion and joy that is found in serving others. Creating an authentic, welcoming and attentive environment for your patrons is the essence in building patron loyalty to your brand.


A 1.5 hour Customer Service focused workshop for all existing and new team members. A workshop that is a refreshing reminder of the fundamentals of excellent Customer Service and suitable for all Service based industries.








Leadership Excellence

Effective leaders are essential to any organization. They help to build strong teams within a business and ensure functions are performed successfully.


Leaders need a variety of characteristics and skills to encourage team members to follow them and facilitate success in the workplace.


Successful leaders increase employee engagement, support a positive environment and help remove obstacles for their team.


Effective leadership is contagious and inspires colleagues to apply positive leadership traits in their own work.


A Leadership Group within your business, meeting each month and collaborating in practicing & developing strong Leadership skills.


Monthly tasks are provided for all Departmental Leaders to practice in the workplace.


These motivational monthly workshops provide a supportive environment to build the skill set required to promote confident and inspiring leaders in your business.

Resilience & Managing Conflict Workshop

A highly educational 1.5 hour group workshop with a strong focus on one's own emotional intelligence.

Specific Workplace Resilience techniques are practiced throughout the workshop.

Discover how the mind works and how our personal reaction can exacerbate even the simplest of events.

Enjoy exploring proven methods in managing workplace conflict.


The benefits of building resilience & managing conflict:

  • Reduces stress
  • Heightens communication & negotiating skills
  • Builds confidence
  • Inspires motivation
  • Promotes "letting go of the small stuff"
  • Builds compassion & acceptance - for self & others
  • Enhances harmony among team members


Mindfulness in the Workplace

An interactive 1.5 hour workshop cultivating Mindfulness in the Workplace.

At its simplest, Mindfulness means being aware of what you are doing while you are doing it.

Mindfulness training has gone mainstream with companies as diverse as Google, Apple Computer, Yahoo!, EBay & Starbucks all offering Mindfulness based training for their teams health & wellbeing.


Some benefits of Mindfulness in the workplace include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Increased mental clarity - focus and attentiveness
  • Enhanced complex problem solving
  • Calm decision making
  • Heightened emotional intelligence
  • Mood regulation

A concise Mindfulness Training Program introducing beneficial Mindfulness skills for the Workplace.

Mindfulness Practice Sessions

Fortnightly or monthly group sessions for optimum gain.

Classes: 1 hour in duration

Popular in the Business Sector, these classes allow your team to learn how to activate Mindfulness when feelings of stress/ tension arise.

Mindfulness techniques are helpful tools for coping with stress and in promoting acceptance, personal presence and focus.

Used daily, Mindfulness Practices can lead to a happier, healthier perspective of the world around you.




David Harper
General Manager – Gold Coast Private Hospital

“The improvements shown in patients who have worked with Lisa have been absolutely incredible. Lisa has achieved excellent results.”

Nurse Unit Manager
Pacific Private Oncology

"The results from the workshops were amazing. Everyone was happier, more thoughtful, less stressed, more focused and enthused about their working day."

Pacific Private Oncology

  • "Much happier at work. Just what we needed to become a stronger team. I learnt a lot about myself. Very helpful techniques. Enlightening."
  • "An eye opener at how you deal with life, stress, people and problems. Worth doing the course. Lisa is amazing at her profession."
  • "I found this experience positive with some life changing skills learnt, making a huge difference to myself and others."
  • "This program has helped me to notice and appreciate positive things in my life whether big or small."

    Leadership Excellence

  • Awesome, thanks for having such an impact both at work and especially at home.
  • Techniques are great. I feel strong now in my Leadership skills
  • The workshop has made me a better person and I look forward to sharing this with my team.
  • Great experience. Much happier at work.
  • Just what we needed to become a stronger team. I learnt a lot about myself. Very helpful techniques. Enlightening!!
  • I found the course to be very helpful, the entire workplace has been a more pleasant place and definitely is more focused on team unity. Great job!
  • I have found this experience positive with some life changing skills learnt, making a huge difference to myself and others.
  • An eye opener at how you deal with life, stress, people and problems. Worth doing the course.
  • Lisa is amazing at her profession.
  • This program has helped me to notice and appreciate positive things in my life, whether big or small.


B.O. - Sunshine Coast

“Thank you so much for a wonderful - life changing - couple of days. It was obviously meant to be you who has taught me how to make the changes I needed to make as I doubt there would be anyone else on Earth who knew and cared enough about the animal and who  had the knowledge and training to identify and institute the change. Thank you.”

Resilience & Managing  Conflict Workshop

  • Very useful tools – excellent presentation
  • Excellent session, very informative
  • Amazing -Help me put aside my stressors to help people around me
  • Very helpful in my career
  • Left feeling invigorated and relaxed
  • Interesting and appropriate, left me wanting more
  • I now know I can enjoy and carry out my role more effectively
  • Taught me to deal with daily stress more appropriately
  • Great interaction & energy
  • Helpful tips, explanations & cases
  • Presenter was very calm, explained questions well
  • I learned how to cope with stress & my own thoughts
  • Will now be happier in the workplace
  • Taught me how to train myself away from negativity
  • Applies to make me think more before I act
  • Hugely helpful, I now feel better prepared
  • I now understand the consequences of my thoughts
  • Great!! A big eye opener
  • Will definitely use some of the techniques
  • Loved it!! So glad I attended
  • Would really like more sessions like this with Lisa
  • A greater understanding of how my mind works and how I can control it
  • I learned the value of looking after yourself
  • Wonderful, easy ways of self-helping yourself
  • Very good session, exercises were very good & helpful
  • Definitely helped, Lisa strongly believes in what she does
  • Very interesting session
  • I enjoyed learning how to control my mind
  • Learning the physiological impact that thoughts have was very helpful in understanding the power of thoughts
  • Opportunity to practice under guidance
  • Lisa has a natural calming manner, professional & expert in this area
  • I liked the take-away program. I look forward to putting it in to practice
  • Reminder of how to centre myself
  • I could do this session weekly
  • This was brilliant!! Just what I needed. Please implement this for all staff
  • Excellent, it would be good to see more
  • Thank you, this was a very valuable experience
  • I enjoyed the breathing techniques & learning to let go of stressful thoughts
  • A reminder to myself of how to calm down. I realized how stressed I am and how it affects my mind & body
  • I left feeling extremely calm & feel more confident at handling stressful situations as they arise.
  • Wonderful insight

Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Excellent presentation
  • Very knowledgeable, enjoyed real life examples, definitely met & exceeded my expectations
  • Excellent - very on topic, interesting & engaging
  • Lisa is very engaging & caring. The flow of the course worked well and I feel the various practices will really support me
  • Provided useful & practical strategies to challenge unhelpful patterns & move towards a more positive & productive state of mindfulness.
  • Excellent, great info & education & thorough explanation of techniques
  • Well laid out - a lot of information to take home & put in to practice
  • Great pace, very clear and easy to follow
  • Course content was very valuable, easy to understand. Clear & interesting
  • Lisa was very knowledgeable. Her delivery was excellent. A great mix of academic info & practical exercises
  • Course was very enjoyable and very informative
  • Insightful, practical and left with great tools to facilitate a mindful practice
  • Very Helpful - looking forward to putting techniques in to practice
  • Engaging teacher - useful techniques
  • Fantastic content. Very relevant, practical & brilliantly delivered
  • Excellent. Professional, useful and at the same time entertaining course content
  • Very professional - both auditory and visual teaching methods used. Really enjoyed the day
  • Presenter was excellent, thank you
  • Very enjoyable, something to think about
  • Presenter was really positive and affable person and I really enjoyed the sessions.
  • Very helpful and powerful topic, thank you for the session it will help me focus on one job at a time.
  • Helped to be aware of myself & my present life, that is in my hands to change.
  • Making me aware of the way I think
  • Making me more aware at current time
  • A reminder of being peaceful in mind
  • Great presenter
  • Great tips
  • Informative
  • Learned a lot about things, very relaxing
  • I learned about awareness & calmness, how to relax & live life to the fullest
  • Will help to keep me calm in stressful situations
  • Very enjoyable, something to think about
  • Presenter was really positive & affable person-I really enjoyed the session
  • Very helpful & powerful topic, thank you for the session
  • It will help me to focus on one job at a time
  • Being more present in the moment
  • The Mindfulness topic helped me to be more aware of my scatter brain
  • Reminded me of the need to practice as I am aware it actually works
  • Time out, being self-mindful
  • I now know how to apply techniques & recognize when to use them
  • Very good session, breathing exercises were very good
  • A good reminder re breathing awareness & living in the moment
  • I have no words how to thank Lisa for this amazing opportunity.
  • the info was so helpful.
  • Such an easy, well rounded workshop. I learnt so much. Much appreciated
  • Relaxation has been very helpful.
  • Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.
  • Great.
  • Well done!!