About Lisa Keeley

Lisa Keeley is a progressive Business Educator/ Trainer specialising in the Hospitality and Retail sectors. She is also a certified Wellness Therapist who continues to keep up to date by undertaking professional development in her fields of expertise.


Lisa operates a successful private practice in Southport on the Gold Coast and at Ocean Shores in Northern New South Wales.


With over 30 years experience Lisa trains extensively in the Hospitality and Retail sectors with a strong emphasis on creating memorable Customer / Guest experiences. Lisa's ability to motivate both large and small teams is evident via continuous positive reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor. She has a keen business mind and thrives in assisting teams to work collectively, to embrace the working day and above all, to care for the customer / guest encouraging repeat patronage.


Lisa conducts regular Corporate Wellbeing, Resilience Building and Managing Conflict Workshops in the Business Sector where her passion for Team Health and individual resilience is evident in her teachings. She is a popular presenter at Conferences & also donates her time presenting at many local organizations.


Lisa holds Diploma’s in Modern Psychology ,Hypnosis, Master Clinical Hypnotherapy and is a fully certified NLP Master Practitioner. She is also qualified and teaches Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation and practices in Emotional Freedom Technique , Integral Eye Movement Therapy and is a passionate Business Educator/ Trainer.


Lisa fuses these modern day health modalities to create unique, innovative and inspiring sessions and workshops.


She is an internationally certified practitioner in her fields.


Sessions with Lisa are thought provoking, enlightening & empowering.


Lisa operates a successful private practice in Southport on the Gold Coast and at Ocean Shores in Northern New South Wales.



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Lisa Keeley
Lisa Keeley
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Tranquil Mind Solutions can assist in an extraordinary range of presenting challenges such as Anxiety & Stress Management, PTSD, Phobias, Fears, Sleep Disorders, Self Esteem, Anger, Depression, Pain Management, Relationship Issues and more.

Leading edge techniques used at Tranquil Mind Solutions are based on the research and realization that we create much of our experiences by the specific ways that we see, hear and feel things in our mind and in our body, often all linked together and called thinking.



Tranquil Mind Solutions specialises in Business building educational workshops for teams. Workshops are tailored to your business needs and unite teams, increase motivation, instill a business care factor, reduce workplace conflict, assist with staff retention and builds enthusiasm in serving the valued Customer or Guest.

We offer a comprehensive range of Hospitality Advisory and Training Services.

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